Part NoDescriptionTypePrice
R381Mudguard sectionL$56.80
R382Mudguard sectionR$56.80
R383Rear ¼ lowerL$49.92
R384Rear ¼ lowerR$49.92
R385Door lowersL$54.44
R386Door lowersR$54.44
R387Sill outerL$79.50
R684Sill outerR$79.50
WS048Wheel Spats Plainpr$294.00
WS049Wheel Spats Louvredpr$371.00
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AP 5/6 & VC

Part NoDescriptionTypePrice
R388Mudguard sectionL$56.80
R389Mudguard sectionR$56.80
R390AP5/6 & VC wagon rear ¼ UteL$54.64
R391AP5/6 & VC wagon rear ¼ UteR$54.44
R392VC sedan Rear ¼L$63.58
R393VC sedan Rear ¼R$63.58
R394Sill outerL$79.60
R395Sill outerR$79.60
R732Front Door LowerL$68.10
R733Front Door LowerR$68.10
R396Ute T/gate skinea$136.21
VC wagon t/gate ½ skinea$72.00
WS050Wheel Spats Plain originalpr$292.53
WS051Wheel Spats Louvred originalpr$369.70
WS052Wheel Spats Plain Custompr$307.96
WS053Wheel Spats Louvred Custompr$385.14
WS076VC Sedan Wheel Spats Plainpr$292.53
WS077VC Sedan Wheel Spats Louveredpr$385.14
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Part NoDescriptionTypePrice
R397Mudguard sectionL$45.40
R398Mudguard sectionR$45.40
R690Mudguard InnerL$68.10
R691Mudguard InnerR$68.10
R707Coupe door skinL$319.90
R708Coupe door skinR$319.90
R399Sill OuterL$79.60
R596Sill OuterR$79.60
R400Heater blanking plateea$21.60
Sedan ¼LTBA
Sedan ¼RTBA
WS054Wheel Spats Plain originalpr$246.22
WS055Wheel Spats Louvred originalpr$323.40
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Part NoDescriptionTypePrice
R401Mudguard sectionL$45.40
R402Mudguard sectionR$45.40
R690Mudguard InnerL$68.10
R691Mudguard InnerR$68.10
R399Sill OuterL$79.60
R596Sill OuterR$79.60
R403Sill outer CoupeL$79.60
R626Sill outer CoupeR$79.60
R404Heater blanking plateea$21.60
R661Ute tailgate skinea$237.34
R707Coupe door skinL$319.90
R708Coupe door skinR$319.90
Sedan ¼LTBA
Sedan ¼RTBA
WS056Wheel Spats Plain originalpr$246.22
WS057Wheel Spats Louvred originalpr$323.40
WS059Wheel Spats Coupe Plainpr$292.53
WS059CWheel Spats Coupe Louvredpr$385.14
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Part NoDescriptionTypePrice
R405Mudguard sectionL$56.80
R406Mudguard sectionR$56.80
R775Guard InnerL$68.11
R776Guard InnerR$68.11
R779Guard Inner Lower OnlyL$33.60
R780Guard Inner Lower OnlyR$33.60
R407VH-CM rear ¼ lowerL$72.72
R408VH-CM rear ¼ lowerR$72.72
R642Charger rear ¼ lowerL$90.81
R643Charger rear ¼ lowerR$90.81
R409VH-CM Sill outerea$79.50
R410VH-VK Ute/van T/gate skinsea$181.62
R411CL-CM Ute/van T/gate skinsea$181.62
R724VH-CM Ute door to wheel archL$68.10
R725VH-CM Ute door to wheel archR$68.10
R726VH-CM Plenum repair(Cowl)L$86.48
R727VH-CM Plenum repair(Cowl)R$86.48
R817Plenum to Fire Wall RepairL$124.74
R818Plenum to Fire Wall RepairR$124.74
R412Door lowersL$68.10
R413Door lowersR$68.10
R414Heater blanking plateea$21.60
R615VH-CM Upper back panel Chargerea$181.62
R616VH-CM Charger Door to wheel archL$90.81
R617VH-CM Charger Door to wheel archR$90.81
R822Boot Channelea$132.30
R695Charger Ducktail panelea$172.97
R680Charger parcel shelfea$237.34
R722Charger parcel tray extensionL$154.86
R723Charger parcel tray extensionR$154.86
R706Charger boot floorea$540.54
R693Charger inner 1/4 boot extensionL$194.59
R694Charger inner 1/4 boot extensionR$194.59
R718Charger boot extensionL$97.29
R719Charger boot extensionR$97.29
R720Charger inner 1/4L$97.29
R721Charger inner 1/4R$97.29
R737Charger Door LowerL$86.48
R738Charger Door LowerR$86.48
R739Charger 1/2 Door skinL$129.72
R740Charger 1/2 Door skinR$129.72
R812E55 side panelL$79.38
R813E55 side panelR$79.38
R854Hardtop Deck Filler Panelea$288.00
R855Charger Deck Filler Panelea$252.00
R863Charger partial boot floorL$99.00
R864Charger partial boot floorR$99.00
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Part NoDescriptionTypePrice
WS060Wheel Spats Plainpr$323.40
WS061Wheel Spats Louvredpr$406.00
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